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Startup Ideas You Can Use For Free

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Startup Ideas for free

Startup ideas need money. The first hurdle aspiring entrepreneurs face is insufficient money, funding. Now, some people say that finance is mandatory to start a successful small business, but it is not true for all the startups. There are a lot of almost free business ideas entrepreneurs can use,  and most of these startup ideas have an online businesses connection. Entrepreneurs can start a business with little or no funding. Are you ready to start? You need to improve your internet, website and marketing skills. Then, Clubify offers these cheap business ideas that will not cost you much, but require your precious time.

Content Creation

Startup ideas. Content drives an online business. Online businesses need content in the form of articles, essays and blog posts in order to keep their potential customers updated. The 24-hour news cycle and social media marketing have created lots of opportunities for creative content writers and graphic designers. If you’re a professional writer and looking for the best small business to start, then content creation is a good small business idea for you. Now, thanks to the freelancing websites, these platforms have made everything easy for writers. All you need to do is sign up on these sites, offer writing services to clients and exchange your skills for money.

Social Media Consulting

Startup ideas. Due to the importance of online business, social media consultancy is famous these days. Large firms or even small businesses are always in search of social media consultants, the person who can handle their social media accounts, and run effective social media marketing campaigns in order to engage  online customers. If you’re a good marketer and have the right skills then it is the most lucrative small business to start in 2016.  You can offer your consultancy services to the clients for good rates.

Online Video Courses and tutoring

Starting an online video and tutoring course is a great low-budgeted-startup idea. But it all depends on the type of skills you have, and the type of subject you want to teach. It is important that you have the skills, or knowledge in the field. You can help other people with your online virtual classes. For this business, you just need a camera, a microphone and good internet connection.

Event Planning

If you’re a highly organized person and have good management skills, and also love to join parties, then you can monetize your skills into cash. Yes, event planning is a successful idea to start a business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bachelor party, a class reunion, birthday or wedding party, you can become an event planner. Create a portfolio, start blogging ideas to make events successful. A mobile phone, messengers, and internet are the essential things to run this business successfully.

Translation Services

Translation service is a good business idea for those people who have good command of different languages. If you are fluent in a non-native language, you can find a translator job easily. You can also offer your translation services to schools, businesses, hospitals, tourists, and even in foreign embassies.

Software Training

Nowadays, software and IT skills are highly in demand by software houses and business firms. It is also one of the best almost free startup business. You can help beginners or professionals to expand their skills. You can arrange seminars, conferences, workshops or even lectures and charge per hour for a complete instructional program. Maybe later on, start doing online with videos, and some blog posts.


If you’ve a good voice and speak like a professional speaker or sing songs, then you can sell your voice. It is also the one of the best low cost business ideas to get started. You can also start your own low cost business online. There are some best Freelancing websites operating online through which you can start your home based business easily.

Book Selling

Book selling is a good business startup idea for creative book writers and authors. If you’re a passionate writer and love to write books, this business is waiting for you. For example, if you love cooking then you can write and publish your cooking recipe book and sell it on e-commerce websites.


If you own a blog or website and have good PA and DA, then marketing is a profitable business to start in 2016. All you need to do is search the online businesses that offer affiliate marketing opportunities to website publishers. Once you got it, contact them and start marketing or advertising their commodities online.

In conclusion, there are many other unique and low cost business ideas available for you that require little or no funding. However, all the businesses require some time to establish in market. So be patient, and   work as much as you can to make your business profitable. Good Luck!

Skills for Running an Online Business


Perhaps, you have been entertaining the idea of starting an online business. Most importantly, you may already have the million dollar idea, and everything is ready to go. Then you start wondering, what does it take to run an online business? Do you need to write a business plan, design graphics?

Depending on the exact nature of your business, Clubify presents you with what we think skills that are good to have. But not all are a must. Some skills are absolutely essential to your success in the online space. If you want to run an online business, you need to master the following skills.


Online business is where you really test your technical abilities. Registering domains, buying a hosting plan, installing WordPress is easy. It may only take a single click. But things can get pretty complicated from there. What if you want a customized template? How can you avoid hackers? What if you need a database? Do you need to code?

There are a lot of technical aspects to running a website that vary in terms of complexity. You can outsource and hire freelancers to do some of the work, but it’s best to know how things work, in case you encounter any major issues or emergencies. Technical skills are particularly important with e-commerce businesses.


For most websites, organic search is the number-one source of traffic. If you aren’t doing your keyword research, creating optimized content and constantly tweaking your website to improve its SEO, your business is not going to remain competitive.

Keyword research is really just a starting point. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with much more. But your main area of focus should be ranking your content in search, since there are many technical aspects in the constantly shifting world of SEO, and keeping up with it all is a full-time job in and of itself. There’s no way to stay on top of it all when you’re running a business.

Strategically hiring freelancers or agencies might be a better way to keep your website optimized in the long run. Nevertheless, the knowledge you gain won’t go to waste, as you’ll also be able to verify the quality of the outsourced work should you choose to pay for SEO services.


The ability to create quality content is key to running a successful online business in today’s online environment. Content drives traffic, builds trust and attracts new leads and customers to your business. This often means writing articles and blog posts, which can be a time-consuming process. Audio podcasts and videos are also quite effective, but can be even more intensive in terms of the time, money and effort required.

With this in mind, don’t underestimate the value of content, as it is likely to be the primary driver of traffic to your site. You’ll want to create and manage an editorial calendar, stick to a publishing schedule and create valuable content that answers the questions of your target audience. Content builds credibility with visitors coming to your website, and consumers are more likely to trust businesses that provide valuable content.

Expertise in your niche

Are you knowledgeable in the specific niche you’re planning on doing business in? If not, you may want to rethink your topic choice. If you want to build trust with your audience, you’ll need to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable, and have experience in your industry.

We don’t mean that you need to know it all. But Lots of entrepreneurs begin their journey with just an understanding of their topic. But if they have risen quickly in their niche, that’s because they invested in their growth and became voracious students of it.

Additionally, if you’re passionate about a project, you’re more likely to stick with it over the long haul. Business requires perseverance, and you are less likely to stay behind if it’s a project you don’t care about. Expertise in a niche will help you build authority in your space.


While content can drive a lot of organic traffic, paid traffic is also immensely valuable. Most advertising platforms feature extensive targeting and filtering options that allow you to reach your target customer. They also enable you to test the effectiveness of your landing pages and product or service offerings.

But it’s important to keep in mind that advertising isn’t necessarily a solution. Creating effective ads and refining your targeting can be a challenge unless you have prior experience. Optimization becomes all the more important when you’re spending money to bring people to your website.

There’s a lot you can figure out by trial and error with advertising, but you might end up wasting some money in the process. If you aren’t confident with your paid advertising know-how or don’t have a big budget, we strongly recommend to take the time to learn, or hire an expert who can help you create effective campaigns.

Jack of all trades…

If you’re going to run an online business, you’ll have to wear a lot of different hats. Regardless of the business you get into, multitasking will be unavoidable. You have to focus on the high-level tasks that will help you grow your business. Maybe you can begin to systematize and delegate tasks as you increase revenue, and get to the point where you can hire. You can outsource some tasks to freelancers.

We hope this helps you know what skills you’ll need to run an online business, so now you can study and cultivate the knowledge necessary to be successful online.

Giving professionals a chance is not a bad idea. Clubify may surprise you. Give us a chance.

Training People to Shop Online


Rural Areas

Training is key, not just for employees or entrepreneurs, but for customers. Alibaba is the leader of online sales in China. If you don’t know Alibaba, we strongly recommend you do some research and learn how this giant Chinese online store was born. Picture this: A villager from a distant, isolated rural area in China needs pesticides, fertilizers. Maybe he needs a tractor for his farm. Perhaps, he just wants a 65-inch television. What does he do?

Just like in the other thousands of villages across rural China, he strolls down the road to the Alibaba kiosk. It has Internet connection for free on an Alibaba-provided computer, and he places an order. If he’s never ordered anything online before, an Alibaba service centre manager, who may come from the same town, is probably by his side.

Invent to Sell

As China’s economy slows, homegrown Internet giants like Alibaba have reason to worry. One strategy Alibaba has: make sure as many of China’s 1.3 billion people as possible can shop online. Alibaba said its profits more than doubled, and sales rose about a third during its most recent quarter. These numbers proved analyst estimates wrong. It’s a striking success in the face of investor skepticism toward Alibaba and China in general.  We’re talking about the persistent skepticism about the power of Chinese consumerism. At the same time, many think they need to tap much of that power.

Last year, Alibaba invented a holiday in China. It is similar to Black Friday in the US. Alibaba called the holiday Singles Day. Alibaba reported they generated around $5 billion in sales in 90 minutes. However, they saw sales in rural areas of only $45 million during the whole day. Despite the fact that China’s rural population is above 600 million citizens.

First Step: Helping

Most of those rural area citizens still aren’t shopping online. In the first quarter of 2015, Alibaba shipped less than 10 percent of online purchases to rural areas. “This is an under-penetrated market for e-commerce.” And Alibaba knows it. In October 2014, the company announced it would invest $1.6 billion over the next three to five years to set up 100,000 rural service centers all over China’s countryside.

So far, it has a presence in more than 12,000 rural villages. These e-commerce outposts offer free Internet service and computers. The centers also give villagers a place to pick up the goods they buy online from Alibaba. Some villagers even use them to start their own online businesses. For instance, selling clothes made in nearby factories on Taobao, Alibaba’s eBay-like online marketplace. The centers are also a place where villagers can pay their utility bills. They can add credit to their pre-paid mobile phone plans, book travel, and more.

Training to Shop like a Pro

But Alibaba found it needed to take one more step. Initially, the company gave store owners a cut when they helped customers to shop online. The shopkeepers also sorted deliveries and helped villagers get set up to sell their own produces online. In May, the company decided to turn the side job of helping customers learn to shop online into a profession.

The company’s “rural partners” program targeted Internet-savvy young people who lived in cities but returned often to their home villages. The partners had to help people figure out how to both buy and sell online. By December, the company said, it had 5,870 partners, who made from $300 to about $2,400 a month.

“As Rural China gains access to the Internet, and consequently to purchase, they  have actually jumped ahead of most Western countries in online shopping,” says Brian Buchwald, the CEO of Bomoda. “It is  their connection to the outside world, and the mobile web has become their access to items and opportunities that used to be unimaginable.”

Pro Online Shoppers

The range of orders coming through Alibaba’s rural service centers vary immensely. Local farmers can use Alibaba to sell their produce, while ordering luxury goods that in the past were very hard to find. In one example, one young man used Alibaba to order a chef. The chef flew into the man’s home village from New Zealand, and prepared a fresh seafood meal for a special family celebration.

In June, a popular Chinese festival was getting closer. A village order a new Dragon Boat on Alibaba for a traditional race instead of hiring a Dragon Master to build them one. The boat traveled 1,000 miles through China, and dozens of men carried the boat on their backs into the village. The dragon boat arrived in 72 hours, the company said, just one more day than it would take US shoppers to get an order through Amazon Prime.

In conclusion, Alibaba found a hard-to-get market segment, saw potential and went the extra mile. You can do that too, one step at a time with Clubify

Fundamental Tips To Start Your Online Business

Man walks to success


The excitement to start your own online business has never been stronger. But success takes time and hard work, and commitment. However, all those successful people that leave you feeling excited have one vital thing in common: they started. That’s literally all you have to do to change your life. You just have to start. It’s overwhelming. An entrepreneur has so many things to do. Where do you start?

Fundamental Tip: Visualize

Fundamental step to start your business is “Pick your product name!” However, before you can do anything, you need to check your mindset, get clocked on to what you want and how you are approaching it in your own mind and then start to visualize what you want.

Starting an online business can be a lonely road. It is not always that way, but when you are starting out the reality is that you are often doing it on your own. Your family might not understand and your friends would really rather you just keep your 9 to 5 like them. People fear people who are doing something different.


It’s really easy to listen to negativity, this is why most businesses never even start. Brilliant ideas, full of potential were paralysed by fear. Perfectionism is just fear of failing. Being a perfectionist is not always a good thing. It means attention to detail, it means calculated decisions, it means perfection.

Perfectionism is the excuse we tell ourselves to make it ok not to follow through, not launch that business now, not to take risks. We honestly believe we are reluctant to take off from the launch pad because we are being perfectionists. But it’s really just fear. But the only way to learn and essentially, the only way to get those answers is to start.

What to do?

Take a look at what’s stopping you. What  is preventing you from launching your business? Is it something you can change? Write it down, identify where it’s coming from (and if possible eliminate the source, so for example if it’s coming from a negative friend or family member) and change the way you think about it. Visualize yourself doing what you want. There’s an immense power in seeing, inside your minds eye, exactly what you want to create. It’s motivation at it’s finest.

Start Doing

People spend months, and some times years, waiting for all those possibilities that will reveal the one great idea. That rarely happens. If you have one brilliant idea that you just have to do, then go for it. Honestly,  the further you go with your online business, the more ideas and possibilities you will have.

You just pick something. Once you get started you might deviate, but if you don’t pick just one thing: one product, one service or one concept, you will go round in circles for ever and regret wasting time. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs say that they learnt things on the fly. They claim their successful business actually developed through another idea. And if they hadn’t just gotten started, that idea would have never come to life.

By picking something and getting started you open yourself up to the possibility of transforming your life. It might not happen right away but without choosing an idea and making a move, you’ll never be open to finding your way to the business you were meant to have!

It is hard to commit to just one thing. You find yourself trying to create a business that will allow you to do all the things. Pick just one thing and focus on that. So if you are starting an online business selling your artworks, don’t add in an eCourse that teaches people how to paint like you. Pick just one thing and focus your time, energy and resources on that.

Invest to learn

You can literally learn anything by just jumping onto Google, you can learn something about anything for free or relatively cheaply. As a result, “I don’t know what I am doing” is not an excuse for not starting your online business today. There’s so many resources out there, websites that break things down for you, step-by-step, and provide you with the things you need to know for free.

You can spend the next month or two browsing through all the results that Google and Pinterest show up when you type in ‘Start an Online Business’. It could help you. But you would also be wasting time. Or you could cut down that search time significantly and spend your browse time learning and improving specific strategies rather than trying to learn everything at once.

Your relationship with the commitment you are making changes if you put down money – even if it’s not much money – your commitment to learning and achieving is totally different. You want to make it worth your while, so your relationship shifts. Think about it: if you invest in a new hobby or a new piece of equipment, there’s always a part of you that thinks, “Well, I gotta make this work! I have invested in this!”

A never ending Cycle

Learning is a never ending process for an online business owner. You’ll learn, learn and then learn some more and you’ll feel like there is always something else to master. That’s part of the draw about being an online entrepreneur: there is always something else you can learn!

The potential for growth in more traditional 9-5 jobs has its limits. Even the awesome jobs that outlay ladders of advancement in front of their employees have a cap with parameters around how much you can learn and progress.

In conclusion, the best thing about being an online business owner is that there is no ceiling to how much you can learn, grow and develop. Your idea, concept or product offering could transform multiple times, and that’s just part of the fun. Clubify can help you have more fun.